Stylized Materials Pack 02

Stylized Materials Pack 02

Stylized Materials (Stylised, Wood Floor, Desert Tiles, Floor Tiles)

This stylized materials pack includes 26 PBR materials for Unreal Engine and Unity, perfect for creating stylized 3D environments. The pack contains versatile flooring with wood, tile, and Portuguese tile materials to build floors. It also includes 5 desert tile materials for creating desert environments. The wood floor materials feature vertex painting channels, allowing you to paint snow, sand, or dirt effects. With this pack, you can quickly design eye-catching stylized scenes with customized ground textures. The materials are optimized for game engines and 3D projects requiring a hand-painted aesthetic.

Available in Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset Store!
Unreal Engine Marketplace
Unity Asset Store

26 PBR Materials

  • 5 Desert Tile Materials
  • 4 Wood Floor Materials (Vertex Paint in WOOD MATERIAL (RED Channel) to paint SNOW, SAND, OR DIRT)
  • 10 Floor Tile Materials
  • 7 Portuguese Tile Materials

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