Stylized UK Modular House and Road
Stylized UK Modular House and Road - Unreal Engine Marketplace

Stylized UK Modular House and Road

3D Environment (Stylised, England, Stylized, Street)

Bring a touch of classic English charm to your next Unreal Engine project with this stylized UK modular house and road set. This expansive pack includes 65 highly detailed modular house pieces that you can easily snap together to create quaint cottages, townhouses, and more. Surround your creations with 13 different trees and plants, 29 road and sidewalk assets, and 15 rocks to complete the cozy English countryside look.

With nearly 100 high-quality materials, over 250 textures, and handy blueprints, this set makes it easy to build and customize your own idyllic village scene. Whether you're creating an open-world RPG, designing unique levels, or want to add some urban flair to your projects, this modular set provides the flexibility and components you need. The clean, optimized stylized art style fits well in a variety of games while helping enhance performance.

Available in Unreal Engine Marketplace for UE4 / UE5!


  • 65 modular house meshes
  • 13 plants / trees
  • 29 roads / road assets
  • 15 rocks


  • 97 materials
  • 2 decals


  • 278 textures


  • Spline Mesh
  • Fence
  • 8 pre-mounted houses

Most models are complete on every side, you can flip them, rotate them, and do everything you want.

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